How to Buy Flowers for Cheap

Posted by Fiel on February-6-2011 under Save Money on Shopping

Here are some money saving tips to buy cheap flowers. These are simple tips that help you save money on flowers.

Flowers have long been cultivated by man not only because they are pleasing to his eyes, sweet smelling but also as a way to express his emotions, reverence to a religious icon or simply as a decoration.  Flowers are readily available now because of flower shops but this can cost you a lot if you are not careful. Therefore, here are some tips on how to save money when buying flowers that you can use.

Save money flowers

  • Know what flowers are in season and which flowers are rare. This is the first step to buy cheap flowers. Flowers that are in season usually have lower prices while rare flowers or flowers not in season have expensive price. Prefer to use flowers that are in season.
  • Knowing the purpose why are you buying those flowers is another way to save money when saving flowers. It can be for a sick friend, a loved one, or simply a decoration to your desk. The purpose can help you determine what flowers to buy and what is not appropriate for the person or occasion. This Is a must so that when you go to the flower shop, you know what to buy and you won’t end up buying flowers at random.
  • Buy in bulk so you can have cheap flowers. Discounts are given to you especially when you purchase in bulk.
  • Order your flowers before the peak season. This is a good way to purchase cheap flowers also because during the peak season, flower prices can go up because of the huge demand. Better buy your flowers before the peak season because prices at that time are still not high.
  • You can grow you flowers in the backyard. There are some flowers which do not need much maintenance. Instead of buying a lot of flowers, you can buy a few and just add some from the flowers that you have harvested from your garden.
  • Make sure you check many stores to find lowest priced flowers. There can be huge difference between prices of flowers from store-to-store. My experience is that Roses are cheapest at Walmart, while other flowers are cheapest at Kroger.
  • Also explore the option of buying flowers that are a couple of days old. Normally stores give heavy discount on such flowers. While buying those flowers, check them carefully to ensure that no petal is turning Black.
  • If you want to buy flowers with a vase, then it might be cheaper to buy vase separately from a store like Walmart, and buy flowers separately. I have noticed that in general vases are hugely overpriced when they are sold with flowers.
  • If you are planning to buy flowers from internet, make sure you find the shipping cost as well, before zeroing down on the flowers. Some of the online flower selling websites can charge shipping that is almost same as price of flowers itself. So, be careful about that too while looking for cheap flowers. Also check out our guide to how to save money while shopping online.
  • Lastly, negotiate for a lower price. If you have already bought many flowers, negotiate a lower price for the next purchase. This is good way also to save money when buying flowers.

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Flowers are indeed pleasing to our senses but you don’t have to spend more to purchase some. If you want to buy cheap flowers, follow the suggestions above and you are sure to save money when buying flowers.

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