Here are some money saving tips while buying vegetables. These money saving tips can help you buy vegetables for cheap, and reduce your monthly grocery bill.

We need to eat vegetables because it contains lots of vitamins. Vegetables belong to a food group that has one of the lowest calorie content. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to spend a lot when buying vegetables. Here are some tips that can surely help you save money when buying vegetables.


  • When buying vegetables, purchase in bulk. Retail stores in the US usually give discounts for bulk purchases and that includes purchasing vegetables. Schedule a day of the week to buy vegetables in bulk. This will cost you less compared to buying vegetables by piece whenever you need it.
  • Vegetable farms are sources of cheap vegetables. If there is a nearby vegetable farm in your place, opt to buy there instead of vegetable stores. Another advantage when buying from farms is that you can be assured of the freshness of the product and being able to select the vegetables that you want.
  • Grow vegetables in your backyard to get cheap vegetables. There are a lot of vegetables that doesn’t need much attention for them to grow. Without you realizing it, you’ll be harvesting vegetables straight from your backyard.
  • Another way is to buy vegetables in vegetable fairs. Fairs usually have contests and other fan activities but the highlight would be fresh vegetables for sale that is available for everyone to purchase.
  • Purchasing vegetables that are in season is another way to save money when buying vegetables. Vegetables in season have greater supply which means they are cheaper. Vegetables not in season have low in supply causing its prices to soar. This is the reason to prefer vegetables in season rather than those that are not in season,
  • Finally, learn to bargain for a lower price when buying vegetables. Dealers usually give discounts to their customer who purchase from them in bulk and frequently. But they don’t give to you if you don’t bargain.  All you have to do is ask.

Remember, we become healthy if we eat vegetables on a daily basis. But remember, staying healthy doesn’t mean you have to spend more. Just follow the suggestions above and you’ll surely save money purchasing vegetables.

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