How to Save Money on Babysitter Costs

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Here are some money saving tips to help save money on babysitter costs.

Parents nowadays need to work to cope up with all the expenses they need to settle. Because parents can’t be around all the time, they hire babysitters to attend to the kids for a few hours while they attend to some important events. Now babysitting can become a major expense if you don’t make ways to lower it. Here are some pointers that will help you save money on babysitter costs.


  • Ask a relative or someone close to your family to babysit the kids. First you could ask them to babysit as a big favor to you. But later on you can pay them for just a small fee. Knowing that they are close to the family, they won’t demand huge rates from you to babysit the kids.
  • Another way to get cheap babysitters is to ask from friends if they can refer to you babysitters. Since they are referral from friends, their rates will be lower compared to company-hired babysitters.
  • Keep away from company-hired babysitters As much as possible. Although you can be assured of the quality of the babysitters from babysitting companies, their fees could be higher. As mentioned above, relatives, close friends and referrals are good sources of cheap babysitters.
  • Developing a good working relationship with your current babysitters could also be a way to save money on babysitting costs. Aside from the safety of your kids, you can bargain for their rates later on. Another benefit is a good working relationship translates to longer time working with you. In the long run, you could save a lot paying on a single babysitter than having to pay different babysitters.
  • You can negotiate to pay your babysitter in bulk rate rather than by hourly rate. Bulk rate when computed can be cheaper compared to hourly rate. This is another good way to save money on babysitter costs.
  • If you can manage, you can babysit the kids yourself during your idle time. This definitely will cut you the cost for babysitting. You get time to spend with your kids, at the same time save on babysitting costs.
  • Take turns babysitting with your friends and neighbors. You can set a day of week when one friend will babysit babies of all the friends. In this way if 7 friends can get together, each will have to babysit for just one day, and will 6 days of babysitting for free :)

Even though we hire babysitters, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge amount on them. Try any of the suggestions above and for sure you can save money on babysitter costs.

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