Here are some money saving tips to save money on photo prints. With the advent of online photo albums, and tradition of sharing photos on sites like Facebook, practice and need to print photos has definitely reduced. If you still decide to get photo prints, follow these money saving tips to get cheap prints.

The digital photography era has given us the freedom to take unlimited photos for us to store in our computers. Today, we take hundreds of photos of a single event. But, getting these photos printed can be very, very expensive.

The following are money saving tips by which you can save a lot in photo prints:

Photo Prints

1. Be selective

The best way to save money in photo prints is by limiting the number of photos you print. It is of no use to print all the photos you have taken. You should check out  all your photos and then pick the best ones to print. Following this tip can help you save considerable money on your photo prints.

2. Seasonal savings

Most photo printing companies offer huge discounts during the holidays like the Christmas or New Year. You can join the email lists of various print stores to get notifications about the sales and the discounts. This will help you to save a lot in photo prints.

3. Special offers / Photo print discounts

Various online photo printing companies offer various special bonus offers to their members after joining. So, keep an eye on them too. Moreover, various sites will offer you free prints if you can refer new members to their site.

4. Print your photos at home

Although most home printers use up a lot of ink, but if you can buy the ink cartridges carefully, you may find yourself saving a lot in photo prints. When you see a great sale on ink cartridges or paper, just buy them. Printing photos at home will give you the freedom to print whatever you want and whenever you want. If you decide to do that, do check out how to save money on printer cartridge.

5. Online sharing

You can also save a lot in photo prints by setting up a photo slide show and putting it up on a share web site. You can send the link to your friends and family members which will allow everyone to enjoy the photos without spending a fortune in printing them.

6. Use online photo printing websites

Instead of going to your neighborhood photo printing center, order prints online. Online print websites sometimes offer photo prints quite cheap. The downside is that you might have to wait a bit longer to get prints in your posts, but if you don’t mind waiting, these online websites present a good option. Some of the online photo printing websites are SeeHere, SmugMug, and Kodak Gallery.

Thus, following the tips mentioned above will help you to save a lot on photo prints. Always check the various photo printing sites for the spot discounts and sales and become a member accordingly.

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