How to Save Money on Car Repair

Posted by Dyana on October-5-2010 under Save Money, Save Money on Car

When you are in a car crash, you would not be thinking about saving money at that very moment. Your first concern is to get the car off the road and get yourself medical help. Then you wait until you cool off and not immediately rush out for repairs.

One of the first things you would need to know is what your policy will cover. This is a major downfall of accident victims that they don’t know their coverage well enough and get stuck with a very high bill that they are not able to pay.

If your car is indeed drivable, you may want to consider getting it home before you make any type of decision. By this I mean that there is no major damage to the car or engine. Before you even think about repairs, you need to compare different shop prices for these repairs. Get all the facts and figures that you will need  to make a decision about repairs to your car.

Here is a warning about trusting the insurance company to do this. You need to be able to protect yourself from price gouging from both the insurance company as well as the body shop that is doing the repairs. While you may not be paying for all of this yourself, consider this fact. The higher the bill, the higher your premium will become when you go for a renewal.

Make sure the shop and insurance company has your best interests in mind and not dollar signs in their eyes. This is where you can really lose money if you are not careful and in more ways than one. Remember, if you trust the body shop and insurance that is fine. If not, beware and protect yourself.

Saving money after a car crash also means considering all options that are available before you get your car repaired. Talk to friends and family and take a look at independent shops. If the damage is minor consider paying for it out of pocket instead of getting the insurance to pay for it.

Following these simple steps can help you save a lot of money on car repair after a mishap. The best thing for anybody is to know everything about your insurance, premiums, repair costs etc before you commit to any repair.

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