How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Posted by Dyana on October-10-2010 under Save Money

When it comes to expenses, air conditioning expenses are at the top of the list when you want to save money. There are many different ideas that will help in order to cut the bill by almost fifty percent and that is to keep your air conditioner maintained as well as having proper insulation and weatherproofing to your home.

But this isn’t the only way to save money on this bill. Take a look at some other ideas that will be well worth your time to implement. These tips are solid and can save you money on the bills.

One of the first ideas when it comes to saving money on air conditioning expenses would be to set the thermostat as high as comfortably possible. This will help lower your bills. Using house fans as well as attic fans can also keep your home cool and lower your costs for air conditioning.

Turning off the A/C when you are not occupying the house is another money saving tip.  Not reducing the temperature to a cooler setting can also save you money. It won’t cool the house any faster and will just cause your expenses to rise.

Fan speeds can also make a difference when it comes to saving money on air conditioning expenses. You use a high speed except for when it is humid. Humid temperatures will need a slower fan speed than a normal circumstance.

Have you thought about using ceiling fans to help cool your home? They decrease power usage while keeping your home cool. Keeping curtains open during early morning and overnight can also save you money on cooling bills. Make sure your unit is in the shade so it doesn’t have to work as hard.

These are just some ideas to help when saving money on air conditioning costs. The best idea is to make sure as stated before that your home is weatherproofed and that your unit is upgraded and kept in great working order. Doing this will save you quite a bit of money in the long run and will cut your cooling costs in half if not more.

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