How to Save Money on Gas

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Here are some money saving tips to save money on gas. These money saving tips help you get gas for cheap, and save gas money.

Cheap Gas

1. Fill up Gas from Pump selling cheap Gas: It is quite surprising how gas prices vary between different pumps. Prices can be greatly different even between the pumps of same company. So, find a pump that sells gas for cheap. A good website to do that is Gasbuddy. It will show pumps in your area that have cheapest gas.

2. Fill Gas Early morning or late evening: It is a known fact that gas expands when it is hot, and if you fill gas during a sunny day, you might actually get slightly lesser gas as compared to when it is cold around. So, early mornings are best times to fill gas, and save money on gas.

3. Keep Proper Tire Pressure: If you have lesser air in your tires, you will end up burning more gas. So, make sure you get your air pressure checked regularly, and saveĀ  money on gas. Once a month is a good schedule.

4. Avoid Frequent Braking: Frequent brakingĀ  greatly wastes gas. This mostly happens when you approach a red light, and brake when you reach there. Instead, lift your foot from accelerator to slowly approach Red light.

5. Use Neutral Gear at Red Lights: When you are idling your car at Red light, make sure you shift into Neutral gear. This will ensure that car is using lesser gas while standing.

These five tips to save gas will help you in saving money on gas. Also check out tips to reduce car expenses, tips to save money on car battery repair, and tips to save money on car wash.

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