Cruise season for this year has almost come to an end, but that makes it a really good time to get some really cheap cruise trips. Here are some money saving tips to save money on cruise trips.

Cheap Cruise Vacation

1) Book Your Cruise Trip as early as possible: Cruises seldom offer a last minute discount. Their best discounts are available before the cruise season even starts. So, plan in advance, and book a cruise trip as early as you can. This will help you get the most discounts on cruise trips.

2) Find various discounts offered by Cruise Lines: When you talk to your travel agent or cruise line, make sure you ask about various discounts offered by the cruise line. There might be some discounts that you might not even be aware about, but applicable to you. There are military discounts, student discounts, senior discounts, shareholder discounts, and lot more. So, make sure you ask your cruise line what type of discounts they offer so that you can get cheap cruise trips.

3) Get quotes from multiple travel agents: One of the interesting things with cruise trips is that different travel agents might be offering different deals and prices on the same cruise trip. So, make sure you ask multiple travel agents, and cruise websites to see which one is offering cheapest prices for cruise trips.

4) Get your own Airline Tickets: Many cruise lines offer packages that include cruise price and airfare. However, that is normally more than the airfare that you would pay if you get your own tickets. So, don’t get tempted by the cruise + air package, and instead do your own research. This will help you to save some more money on cruises.

5) Save Money on Beverages: One of the big expense when you are on cruise is Beverages. Many cruise lines offer soda sticker that let you get unlimited beverages for your entire cruise. That normally works out to be cheaper. Apart from that, you can also bring powdered drink mixes that you can mix with ice and water to make your own drinks.

6) You do not need a cabin with Window: Lot of people are tempted to book a cabin on a cruise that has a window. However, such windows are very small, do not open, and really don’t offer a nice view that you can see from your bed. Instead, go for a room without window, and you will end up saving lot of money on cruise vacation.

7) Book together as a group: If you and some of your friends are planning to take a cruise, make sure you ask your travel agent about group discount on cruise. Most of travel agents will offer much cheaper rates for groups, and you might even be able to get a free upgrade.

8) Add up all the costs: If you are doing a comparison between prices of various cruise trips, make sure you include all the costs. Even the cost of tip can make a difference. So, research all the costs, ask your cruise line about all other expenses, before zeroing down to one cruise line.

9) Save Money on Shore Excursions: Shore excursions are a really good way for cruise lines to make money. They are undoubtedly well planned that save you time, but sometimes cost more than what you can get yourself. So, research about shore excursions in advance and plan your own.

10) Be flexible: This is really the biggest factor that can save money on cruise trip. Be flexible in terms of dates, be flexible for cruise duration, be flexible in terms of ports, and be flexible in terms of cruise line. You would be surprised to see how rates fluctuates by changing just one of these factors.

All these money saving tips for cruise trips help you save money on cruise. You can also read about tips to save money on vacation, tips to get discount theme park tickets, priceline car rental bidding tips.

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