How to Save Money on Internet Connection

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Here are some practical money saving tips that help you save money on Internet connection. These tips help you reduce your monthly internet expenses.

1) Go for DSL

DSL is a great way to get really fast internet for cheap. Some people have a notion that DSL is not fast, but that is not true. DSL offers compelling speed as compared with broadband internet connection. On top of that, DSL is much cheaper. This is the best option to go with if you already have a phone line. Even if you don’t have a phone, you can still get DSL by AT&T, as it has launched DSL internet without phone in many areas. Check AT&T website to see if coverage is available in your area.

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2) Try to go for a slower internet connection

This advice might sound stupid, but this is actually a really useful one. Most of the people tend to go with fastest internet possible, but they really don’t need that. Most of the slower internet connections easily let you do all that you normally do on internet, including watching streaming videos, downloading huge files, and playing online movies. The super fast internet is useful only if you are into extreme online gaming. So, if you have a very high speed internet connection, downgrade its speed, and save some money on monthly internet bill.

3) Research All the Available Options in your Area

Sometimes we see some ad in TV about Internet service, and decide to go with that. However, we need to remember that ultimately ads are funded by us, and that gets reflected in increased charge for the internet connection. Instead, do a proper research on various internet services available in your area, and see which one has the lowest price plan. It is not a bad idea to get into 12 months contract if that lowers your price further.

These tips will help you save few bucks on monthly bill of internet, and get you cheaper internet connection. If you know of any other tips, do mention in comments.

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