Here are some simple money saving tips to save money on car battery repair. These tips help you in repairing your car battery for cheap.

1) Look for a Used Car Battery

If you are not planning to keep your car for a long time (less than 6 months), you can go for a used battery. However, be careful while buying a used car battery. It is not easy to tell if the battery is in a good condition, so it is a good idea to buy a used battery from a reputable shop. My favorite pick is AutoZone. They carry used batteries. However, they might not have the particular battery that goes in your car, so give them a call to find out if they have one. Also, remember that they don’t give any warranty on used car battery, so go for this option only if you don’t need your car for long term.

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2) Check the Price of New Batteries in Multiple Local Stores

I recently got my car battery replaced, and was quite surprised to find that there was a huge price variation among different stores. I was under impression that AutoZone would carry cheapest battery, but actually I found cheapest new car battery at Walmart. They even install the battery for free. So, before you zero down on a store, make sure you give a call to many of them to see which one has lowest price. Also, don’t just rely on internet pricing – some of the cheaper stores might not advertise their prices online. I wasn’t able to find prices of Walmart online, and had to give them a call to find their prices.

3) Don’t buy battery from full Service Car Repair Shops

One thing I learned is that the full service repair shops like Firestone charge lot of premium over car batteries. Instead, the better idea is to get car battery from an auto parts shop, like, AutoZone or Walmart and then find the place that can install the battery cheap. Both Walmart and Autozone install car battery for free, so they are good options. They can also do various checks on your battery to confirm that it is indeed dead.

These simple tips can help you in saving money if your car battery goes bad. Also check out our other money saving articles, like, save money on car wash, and tips to reduce car expenses.

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