Preparing for Tax Season 2010

Posted by on December-10-2009 under Save Taxes

Well its December, and now is a good time to pay a little attention to your taxes. So come January, you won’t have to run all the corners to find stuff.preparing for tax season 2010

Its a good time for organizing your financial information. You may develop a filing system or a folder and put all your deductible expenses receipts in there. Track purchases of big items that may be eligible for tax deductions like vehicles, energy efficient appliances, house etc. So when time comes to file you would have all the information in your hand.

The best thing to do is to get Tax educated. It never hurts to know how the whole tax system works. Even if you are not a professional tax person you can take some time out to learn about taxes.

You can also check the IRS website for any updates to any laws or rules for the new season. Recently IRS put up a new form on the website by which you can submit an online request for a copy of your 1040 transcript free of charge. To access the form, visit Form 4506T-EZ, Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript.So if you need to get a transcript from last year now is the time to do that.

We’ll be posting new information regarding tax filing, credits etc. that could be helpful to you for saving money.So stay tuned!!

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