How to Save Money on Cosmetics

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Cosmetics one thing which all girls of all ages love. But cosmetics can cost a lot, specially if you are buying the high priced name brands. But the good thing is that you don’t always have to buy cosmetics at full price. Often discounts are offered on these lovely products which we love so much. Let’s consider some ideas for saving on cosmetics.

save money on cosmetics

First of all Shop when seasons change – new season, new colors – when products have gotten old, and when things are on sale. Keep an eye on those pharmacy and department store circulars. You can find great deals if you’re a smart shopper.
Local pharmacy chains are convenient and inexpensive. Purchasing cosmetics at a local drugstore as opposed to high priced cosmetic counters can save you lots of money. Plus, many generic cosmetic brands have been shown to have the same level of quality as the name brands carried at the cosmetics counter. Drugstores usually publish sales flyers on a weekly basis listing all the store items on sale. Check these flyers for coupons and announcements of cosmetic savings. Sometimes there are savings which involve two for the price of one which is an excellent deal if you use the product.

Look for in-store banners. Some product lines will even mail or email you invitations/reminders for sales. A purchase as small as lipstick may get you a goodie bag full of trial and even full size products. If you shop during bonus events, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Use any of the price comparison search engines to find the best price on the brand you use. Make sure to take shipping charges into account. Sometimes the shipping charges turn a great deal into a deal breaker.Companies like Sephora offers most of the same brands as the department stores and you can receive free shipping if you spend at least $75. Also you get a choice of free samples and they offer a lot of perfumes as free samples. So before you go out and buy an expensive perfume for yourself, consider samples instead, especially if you don’t often wear a scent. Before buying a big bottle of perfume which won’t last very long and might cost you a fortune, try samples that allow you to try out new fragrances every time you go out.

If you have a makeover at a department store cosmetic counter, you’ll probably be given a variety of samples to try at home. If you don’t want to schedule a makeover, politely ask one of the cosmetic consultants if you can sample a product. Chances are they’ll be happy to give you some testers to take home.Department stores with high end products and trained cosmetologists often have giveaways.

One way to receive notification of special deals or promotions on your favorite cosmetics is to register at the websites of the cosmetic companies. You’ll receive emails whenever they are sponsoring a special savings event.For example major cosmetic lines such as Elizabeth Arden,Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Clinique regularly have special promotions where for a minimum purchase they give away a cosmetic set. Its a excellent deal if you use the products they’re offering.

Believe it or not, you can sometimes find brand new, unopened bottles of perfume or variety of cosmetics at yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets. These are usually offered at great prices. If you happen to attend these sales, keep your eyes open for cosmetic bargains.

Finally only purchase make-up that you know and have used in the past. You don’t want to use unknown brands and then regret later.

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