I recently wrote an article about How to Save Money on Oil Change . One of the tips that I mentioned was to try to change oil yourself. So, I thought of gathering a few good videos about changing oil yourself. All these videos show how easy it is to change oil yourself.

Here are 3 very good videos about How to Do an Oil Change

Video 1: How to Change Your Motor Oil

powered by eHow.com

Video 2: Simple Oil Change for your car

Video 3: (This starts in a funny way, but is good)


Ever tried changing oil yourself? Share your experience in Comments section.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom says:

    Hahaha oh man, this is totally the post I’m coming back to in a month or so… I haven’t ever changed my own oil and it keeps nagging me as something I need to master. Maybe I can view this as a cosmic sign to go for it! :P

  2. Save Few Bucks says:

    hey Sarah.. thanks for dropping by.. I am glad you liked this post :)

    do check out the third video for sure.. nice funny twist :)

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