1) Shop in a Hurry
This might sound stupid, but is a very effective tip for saving money on groceries. Many researches have proved that you spend more if you spend more time in store. So, try to shop in a hurry. Just get your stuff, and get out. No checking out that tempting looking stuff.

2) Don’t take a cart if you don’t need one
This might again sound stupid, but researches have proved that we tend buy more stuff if we shop with a cart. The reason is that we get a psychological feel that there is space in the cart, and we can fill more stuff in it. So, avoid cart if you are planning to buy just a few items. Or take your canvas bags, or shopping basket. You won’t buy a lot if you can’t carry it – right? (Like this article? Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published. )

3) Look Up and Down
Most of the shops keep the expensive stuff that they want to sell soon at eye level. So, those are the things that catch your attention first. They place cheaper things at bottom, or towards the top. So, make sure to look up and down to spot those hidden items. This turn of eye can save money on groceries :)

4) Check out Clearance Aisle
Most of the grocery stores have Clearance Aisles. They are normally towards the end of the stores. Most of the items in clearance aisles are Deli or Bakery items that would pass recommended sale date in a day or two. So, grocery stores put huge discounts on those. If you need something to consume within a day or two, make sure to check out those aisles.

5) Buy from Wholesale Stores
Try to do most of your Grocery shopping from wholesale stores, such as Costco and Sam’s Club. These stores sell in bulk, and help you Save Money on Groceries.

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6) Buy in Sale
Try to buy Groceries while they are on sale. Sales are also good time to stock up groceries that have good shelf life. Of course, don’t buy anything that will pass recommended sale date soon. The favorite ones I like to stock are: Cereals, Cookies, Canned foods.

7) Use Manufacturer Coupons
Make sure to cut out all those manufacturer coupons for groceries from your Sunday newspapers. File them properly so that you can find those when you need them. You can also check out manufacturer coupons for groceries from following websites:

  • Such coupons are always my first step towards saving money on groceries

    8) Be Flexible about Brands
    This tip itself can reduce your grocery shopping by 15-20%. Don’t be fussy about your favorite brands. They might be the most expensive ones. Instead, check out other cheaper brands as well. Just because they are cheap does not means that they are not of good quality. Give them a fair chance. (Like this article? Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published. )

    9) Check Rates in Multiple Stores
    Most of the times, prices of items can vary a lot among stores. So, its always better to check grocery prices at multiple stores to see which one has the cheapest stuff. Spending a little bit on gas can save a lot on groceries.

    10) Don’t buy stuff while waiting in line
    Ever noticed how many times you have bought stuff (magazines, for instance) just while waiting in line. That is because those places are specially designed to encourage impulse buying. Don’t fall for those. They ruin all the money savings tips for groceries.

    All these tips will help you in saving money on groceries. Want to share some of your own tips? Mention in Comments Section. (Like this article? Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published. )

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