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car_wash_1 Car Wash is something that most of us get done regularly. I used to go for cash wash once every 2 weeks, and it used to cost $10 for each visit. I totaled it all up, and it seems I had been spending $240 on car wash per year !!

That’s a pretty big expense, so I decided to drastically reduce it. Here are some tips that I am going to follow:

1) Do one wash myself, one at the car wash: I have started this practice of doing every alternate car wash myself at home. So, it basically reduces the trips to car wash in half, and does the same to car wash expenses. Apart from saving money, it is fun as well. Try on a sunny day, and you will see how good it feels.

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2) Go to Self Service Car Wash: Even when I go to Car Wash, I will try to go to self service car washes. They provide everything – automated hoses, brushes etc. I just have to insert a few quarters, and do a quick car wash. Last time it just cost me $2 to completely clean my car at a self service car wash.

3) Try to get Car wash free with all auto repairs: Car Spa normally offers free car wash with oil change. So, I have started getting oil change done from there. It costs the same as shops charge for oil change, but they throw in a car wash also free. I went for getting state inspection of my car done today ( I am in Texas). I got that also done from Car Spa – again got a free car wash.

4) Park the car at right places: I have seen that the car gets more dirty if it is parked in the open, or under trees. So, I have started parking in covered parking wherever available, and also have started avoiding parking under the trees. That makes sure that car does not becomes dirty that often, and needs lesser cleaning.

5) Look out for Car Wash Coupons: Most of the car wash companies regularly send car wash coupons. This is especially true for new companies. I am always on look out for such coupons, and that saves a ton of money. Here are some quick links for online car wash coupons:

Here, here, and here.

My guess is that all these tips will reduce my car wash expenses from $240 to under $75 every year. That’s a lot of money to save. If you have some tips to share, do mention in comments.

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  1. Gary says:

    Nice list mate. i love washing car at self service shops. hell lot of fun, and man, they are so cheap

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