How to Get Your Rates Reduced? Just ASK

Posted by on April-16-2009 under Save Money

Reduce_Internet_Rates Recently my internet prices increased by almost 30%. When I called to ask why was that the case, I was told that I was getting a special offer till now. Now, that offer period has expired, and I have been shifted to “regular” rates.

I asked the customer service guy if he can reduce my rates again, or can give me some other special, but he expressed his inability.

I was pretty frustrated by this. All of a sudden I had to start paying 30% extra per month. The worst part is that it is a recurring monthly expense, so I would have to keep paying that increased cost month after month.

I decided to give it another shot. I again called customer service. When he asked how can he help me, I told him that I want to get my internet disconnected. He said he would transfer me to another specialist for that.

That specialist asked me why I wanted to get it disconnected. I told him that the prices have increased so much that I can’t afford it any more. I made sure to mention that I am planning to shift to their competitor whio is offering better rates.

He said he will try to reduce my internet bill. He took a few minutes, and said that he has again shifted me to the same special that I was getting earlier, and that these rates would last another 6 months.

Fine by me, now I know what to do again after 6 months.

One thing I learned from this incident was to not take the price increase for granted. There is a very simple way to get your rates reduced – just call up your service provider, and ASK. They do not want to lose their customers, especially in this economy.

Did you have a similar experience. Share in comments.

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  1. Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom says:

    Awesome! And you make it sound a lot less confrontational and aggressive then some people do… I might actually be able to handle this approach. :P

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  2. Save Few Bucks says:

    yea, I have seen that confrontational or aggressive approach doesn’t always work.. but this one does. No one wants to loose a customer, and companies are more than ready to address the issues that are forcing customer to leave :)
    Thanks for dropping by

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