Friends – This is something that I had been looking for since a long time: Shop in Costco without a Costco Membership.

I love to shop at Costco, but I do not want to spend money on Costco membership. So, I always have to go with a friend who has Costco Membership.

But, not Anymore.

I was going through various membership options on Costco website today, and came across a very interesting option that is like FREE Costco Membership.

Costco gives the option to buy Costco Cash Card. This is like a Costco Gift card. Essentially, it is loaded with amount of money that you want, and you can use it to shop in Costco stores or Costco website. (Like this article? Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published. )

Here, is the best part: You do not need to be a Costco member to use this Costco Cash Card!!

So, if you have this Costco Cash Card, you can just walk in Costco, and do all your purchasing, without any need to have Costco Membership. Isn’t that great ?

The Costco Cash Card can only be purchased by Costco members. So, I asked my friend to purchase this card for me and load it with $1,000. Now, I am using this card, and do not need to go to Costco with any Costco member.

Here is the excerpt from Costco website:

“You must be a Costco member to purchase or reload Costco Cash Cards. Non-members may use the cash cards to shop in the warehouse or online. Costco Cash balances may be used toward membership or merchandise.”

The Costco Cash card features include:

  • A convenient payment option in their warehouses, gas stations, and
  • No expiration date
  • Are rechargeable at any Costco warehouse location
  • Can be purchased in denominations from $25 to $1,000
  • A supply card or gas card for businesses

It is truly like getting Costco membership for FREE. Its like dream come true for me. Once the balance expires, I can ask my friend to again recharge it for me.

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