Free_PDF_Creator Adobe is undisputed market leader in PDF creation software. However, not many people are aware that there are many FREE PDF creation software also available.

Such software can be classified into following 2 categories:

  • Software that can convert any file into a PDF file
  • Software that can create PDF from scratch.

1) Software to Convert any file into a PDF file

All such software work in same manner – Once you install these, they show up as an additional printer in your Installed printers section.

Whenever you want to convert a file to PDF, you just choose to print that file, and choose the PDF printer for the same. Then that PDF Printer will convert your file to a PDF file, and save on your local disk.

Even though this option shows up as a printer, you do not need to have an actual printer available, and it does not prints anything. Its just that having it available as a printer means that any file that can be printed can be converted to PDF. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published.

Best FREE PDF Converter software in this category are:

Primo PDF:

  • Completely free PDF creator – Create PDF files from 300+ file types.
  • Make 100% industry-standard PDF from any files that print.
  • Create PDF files optimized for print, screen, ebook, or prepress.
  • Download Primo PDF here.

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CutePDF Writer:

  • The free version of commercial PDF creation software.
  • FREE for commercial and non-commercial use! No watermarks! No Popup Web Ads!
  • Requires PS2PDF converter (available FREE).
  • Download CutePDF Writer here.

PDF ReDirect:

  • Fast, free, and easy-to-use PDF creator.
  • You can tweak output quality and preview the PDF through Adobe Acrobat.
  • Advanced options include encryption and the ability to append a converted document to another PDF.
  • Download PDF ReDirect here.

2) Software to Create a PDF file

There are not many good FREE software available to create a PDF file from scratch. My favorite one is Open Office.

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  1. John says:

    Very good list – I had been looking for a free PDF software for quite some time.

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