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This my second article in my series of articles on Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities. I have already talked about my inspiration around writing this series here.

Before I start presenting the Legitimate Work from Home Jobs, I first want to talk about those opportunities that are most widely advertized, but are almost always Work from Home scams. In fact, almost 98% of work from home opportunities are scams!

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Once you have been through this article, you will understand all about such work from home scams (Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published). This article might also come as disappointment to some of those who conceived such opportunities as legitimate work from home jobs.

1. Envelope Stuffing: This is one of the most widely advertized work from home scam. The ads claim to pay an exorbitant sum of money for stuffing envelope for a few hours. I came across an ad that that claimed to pay more than $1000 for stuffing 100 envelopes! However, these are ALWAYS scams.

Here is the truth about these: In the ads, they claim that for a small processing fee, they will send you a “starter kit” that will tell you how to earn thousands of dollars stuffing envelopes at home. However, once you pay that fee, here is what you receive: They send you a letter that tells you to place an exact same ad elsewhere, and then send the similar information to those who pay the processing fee! Could it get any worse? In fact, this is the most common Work from home employment scam, as per U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

A few sentences back I said that these are ALWAYS scams. Here is why: There are automated envelope stuffers available in market, that can stuff thousands of envelopes per hour, and cost very less. So, companies do not need to hire someone to do this job. So, next time you see a flash advertisement for some Envelope Stuffer job that promises to pay hundreds of dollars, you know it’s a scam. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published

2. Data Entry: This is another classic Work From Home Job Scam. The advertisements promise that you will get hundreds of dollars just for filling out some online forms, or typing a few sentences every hour. You are required to pay a “small” upfront fee to get the starter kit. However, the starter kit is almost similar to the Envelope Stuffing one, that I mentioned above. It just asks you to place similar ads elsewhere and make money from it.

3. Medical Transcriptions: Medical Transcription is another work from home scam. The ads normally claim that you will earn hundreds of dollars by providing billing, accounts receivable and insurance claim processing for the medical community. As with other work from home scams, you are required to pay an upfront fee to get the required information. When you pay that fee, they send you materials are most of the time useless. Many doctors’ offices process their own medical claims. Doctors who contract out their medical billing often use established firms, not individuals working from home.

4. Multi Level Marketing: Multi-level marketing is a system of selling in which you sign up other people to assist you, and they, in turn, recruit others to help them. Even though the system itself is legitimate, but it is mostly used to scam people and lure them into coughing up a nice chunk of money upfront.

5. Surveys: Its not completely fair on my part to include surveys in work from home scams, as most of the survey companies are legitimate. However, the main reason for me to include this in the list of work from home scams is because of the false claims such survey companies make to lure people. The ads claim that you can make lot of money by filling out surveys – claiming that you can get hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards just to join. That part is the one that is complete scam. There are some legitimate survey companies out there, but the earning potential is very less, might be just a few dollars per day.

Now that we have understood about the most common work from home scams being advertised out there, let’s move on to some legitimate work from home opportunities. In my next few articles, I will talk about legitimate work from home opportunities. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published. If you are aware of some other work from home scams, mention those in comments.

Here is a complete FTC page about Work from Home Scams.

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