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Everyday we read about poor condition of the economy, and thousands of new jobless claims. I have been feeling pretty frustrated with all this. However, today I saw something that completely shook me, and essentially made me realize the real situation of those who have been impacted by this.

I was going in my car today. I saw a man standing on side of the road with a small kid by his side. The man had a placard in his hand. It read, “Will work for Toys“. I was completely shook after looking at that. I thought about that man – How bad situation he must be in. I did help him out temporarily, but his situation will again become same in next few days. He has lost his job, and he is not able to get any new job as well. Essentially, all the roads have closed for him.

This whole episode had a really far reaching impact on me. As soon as I reached home, I started doing some research that what are other job avenues that people can pursue if they have been laid off.

The best opportunities I found were Home based businesses, so that you don’t have to work for anyone, and thus can’t be laid off. However, after doing some more research regarding them on BBB, FTC websites, I found that most of such home based opportunities are scams that are designed to extract money from you, and you do not get anything in return.

But there are some good and legitimate work from home opportunities also available. These can give you some basic income to survive through this downturn.

I am starting this series of articles about Work From Home jobs from today, where I will explain one legitimate home based work opportunity everyday. I am only going to talk about the ones that work.

To ensure that you do not get lured in the widely available work from home scams, I wrote my first article just discussing about those scams.

To give you a small idea, following opportunities are scams most of the times:
1. Surveys
2. Envelope Surfing
3. Medical Transcriptions
4. Data Entry
5. Multi Level Marketing

and many others.

I am going to dedicate my first article just talking about all these systems, and why these are scams. The reason I am going to write that article is because most of the people associate home based businesses with these only, and believe that they can make lots of money from these. I want to shatter that belief in the beginning itself, and then we will get on to some real work from home opportunities. Check out that article here

I will talk in detail about one legitimate work from home business everyday, and share details, complete resources, and how much money can you expect to make from that. I hope this will help those people who are in real need, and they won’t get further robbed by these widely available scams.

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