Contrary to the general perception, this is really the best time to buy a new car. Car prices are at an all time low, dealers are giving huge discounts, and financing can be secured at very low rates. If you haNew_Carve money to buy a new car, and were planning to do so, then this is the time to go for it.

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Everything follows the principle of demand and supply. Same is applicable in case of cars as well. Dealers have huge piles of unsold cars in their inventory. Apart from that, companies have a huge inventory of unsold cars, that dealers are not taking up. Both these things means this is a buyer’s market. You can get the car that you wanted at the rates that you want, or even lower.

On top of this, dealers are also giving huge discounts to reduce their inventories. Some are giving in form of discount on MSRP, or some are throwing in some free accessories. Either way, you get to gain.

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Obama has said that government will back all the warranties that are issued by American automakers. So, that takes out the worry of automakers going down.

Finance companies have become more cautious in providing loans for cars, but if you are eligible (good credit score and history), then they are willing to throw in a great deal.

All these factors make it one of the best time to buy a car. (Keep in mind, though, that your trade-in might not fetch good value, because all the above factors will now be working against you – the seller).

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