Here are the best Tips to Save Money on Orlando Vacation

Do not go to Orlando in peak season
Never plan a vacation to Orlando in the peak season. Everything will be at full cost, and discounts will be rare to find. Apart from that, you will spend most of your time standing in queues in theme parks. Instead, plan a week or two after the peak season. That is the best period to go. You’ll find smaller crowds, better deals and generally more hospitable weather.

Get Discount Theme Park Tickets
One of the biggest expense in an Orlando vacation are the Orlando theme park tickets, like Disney world tickets and Universal Studios Tickets. I have already written a complete article just about this topic: How To Get Discount Theme Park Tickets

Save on Airline Tickets to Orlando
In case you need to go to Orlando via air, try to book for an airline ticket in as much advance as possible. Try to search multiple price comparison sites to find the airline that is offering the best rates. Then book the ticket by directly going to airlines website. That would save a few bucks.

Save on Hotel Stay in Orlando
I highly suggest everyone to not stay at hotels of theme parks. They are very expensive, and can carry lot of overhead costs. Instead, you can stay in other good quality hotels for much lower price. I suggest using Priceline to get hotels. Here is an interesting hack of Priceline that might come handy: How to Bid Again in Priceline on same day. Another option is to stay in Orlando vacation rental homes instead of hotels. These Orlando condos come real cheap if you are travelling with a big family, and intend to spend a week in Orlando. You get lots of luxuries, at throwaway prices.

Get a FREE Orlando Magicard
This is one thing that every Orlando visitor needs to have: Orlando Magicard. This carries lots of discounts in all sorts of categories (attractions/dining/shopping/lodging etc.) And the best thing is that it is totally free. Make sure you print out one for each member of your party. You can get this here.

Save on Food in Orlando
Try to have a heavy breakfast in hotels as most of the hotels provide free breakfast. Carry water bottles with you, and keep an ice cooler in car and carry sodas in it. That would save lots of money on drinks. On the days that you are going to theme parks, carry picnic size lunches that you can have inside theme parks. For dinner, I always try to get coupons from and before starting for the vacation. That helps me save money on dining in Orlando.

Save on Tickets of Attractions in Orlando
Apart from theme parks, there are many other attractions also worth visiting in Orlando. For them, try to get coupons from websites before leaving. They are widely available, and save a substantial chunk of money. Sometimes, discounts can be even better than the ones that Orlando Magicard offers.

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