Some Tips to Get Laid Off from Your Job

Posted by on March-25-2009 under Save Money

1) Come to Office Late

2) Leave office before your boss leaves

3) Work from Home more than once per week.

4) Do not make any value added suggestions in business meetings.

5) Make sure that no one other than your boss knows about you.

6) Do not finish the work till the deadline comes.

7) Do not try to proactively ask for additional work if you have some free time.

8) Be seen a lot in office canteen / gym / other rest area.

9) Watch You Tube in office.

10) Make fun of those who are working hard by giving example of yourself.

11) Do not volunteer for any important task.

As might be obvious, it is a sarcastic attempt to highlight what not to do to ensure that you are not laid off. (Like this article? Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published)

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