How to Save Money on Oil Change

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 Oil Change is one of the regular expenses of the car. Here are a few tips to save money on oil changes.

1. Change after 5000 miles: Its the oil companies and mechanics that recommend to get oil change done after every 3,000 miles. That was true many years back, but the cars that are being produced since last few years do not need this frequent oil change. In fact, if check your car’s manual, your manufacturer’s oil change recommendation would be after every 5,000-6,000 mile, or even more. That is because the oils are now better, last longer, and car engines do not need them that often. So, changing your oil change frequency from 3,000 mile to 6,000 mile would cut your oil change expenses in half.

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2. Use Regular Oil: Regular oils are of pretty good quality nowadays. So, synthetic oils are not required. In case your car manufacturer recommends synthetic oil, or you feel a need to use synthetic oil, I recommend that you buy synthetic oil separately from AutoZone or Wal-Mart, and take that to mechanic. That also saves a few bucks. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published.

3. Do not get oil change done from dealers: Dealers charge the most for oil change, so there is no point of getting oil change done from them. Instead, I always go to my local mechanic. They are completely knowledgeable about oil change, and charge very less.

4. Find oil change coupons: Most of the car repair companies (such as Firestone or Midas) regularly put out coupons for oil change. Try to do a Google search for oil change coupons, and you are sure to find some coupons in your area.

5. Do oil change yourself: The best way to save lot of money on oil changes is to do it yourself. Its quite easy to do, actually. You would need Five to six quarts of oil, Oil filter, Funnel, Pan, Oil filter wrench and socket wrench, and Bucket with a lid. You can check few good resources here, and here about how to change oil yourself. Update: Here are some Videos about How to Do an Oil Change Yourself.

6. Avoid other expenditures: As you would have noticed, whenever you go for oil change, your mechanic would offer to do some Free 20-point inspection, and then would tell you that something is wrong with your car. This is a regular business practice of all the oil repair companies to try to encourage customers for doing some other expenses also on the car. However, sometimes, such expenses are not required, or the problem is not as serious as they tell you to be. So, its always a better idea to get a second opinion before giving them a go ahead for such expenses.

All these tips can greatly reduce oil change expenses. If you have some other tips, please mention in comments. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published.

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