How to Get Discount Newspaper Subscriptions

Posted by on March-31-2009 under Save Money

Newspapers are one of the regular expense that we do every month. Most of us subscribe to newspapers, as it is more cost effective than paying for daily. There are some simple tips to further Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions.

1) Use Discount Newspaper Subscription websites: There are some websites that offer Discount Newspaper Subscriptions. Such websites offer very good discount on Newspaper Subscriptions. My Favorite one is Discounted Click Here to get Newspaper subscriptions at discounted rates .

2) Ask Newspaper company to offer you discount: In case you want to directly get newspaper subscription through your newspaper company, tell them that you want a discount, otherwise you will not take the subscription. Most likely, they will offer some discount. You can also lure them by saying that you will subscribe for a longer period if they offer discount newspaper subscription.

3) Join as New Customer: Most of the newspaper companies offer discount newspaper subscriptions to new customers, but not to the existing ones who are renewing their subscriptions. So, when the time for renewal comes, either you can take a new newspaper subscription in someone else’s name in your household. Or, you can cancel your own subscription, and join as a new customer after a few days. Either way, you will save money on Newspaper Subscriptions.

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