Windows Live SkyDrive is a free online file storage system. You get 25GB of FREE online storage, at no cost, with no strings attached. The site’s design is simple and straightforward. Just create folders on the site and upload files to it. You can choose to share folders anyway you like it – do not share with anyone, or share with a few, or share with everyone. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published.

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You can’t argue with 25GB of free storage, especially considering that neither Google nor Yahoo currently has this kind of service. So right now Windows Live SkyDrive is as good as online storage gets in terms of free online storage space.

With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can store, access, and share photos and files you create with friends, co-workers, or family. Free 25 GB online storage means all of your stuff can be stored in one single account, and no need to create multiple accounts just to get additional storage space.

For each folder you create, you choose who has access to it. Add new folders, rename them, or change who has access at any time. It can be accessed from any computer with Internet access; it offers personal, shared, and public folders — you decide who has access to each folder; and it works well on any Windows or Macintosh computer. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published.

Security Features of SkyDrive
SkyDrive presents a very safe method of online data storage. Your personal folders are password-protected with your Windows Live ID, so only you have access. You set the passwords and you decide who sees what, so you have confidence that your data is in your control. Just like at your online bank, all file transfers are protected using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). All this makes it a very secure online storage solution.

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SkyDrive for Free Online Photo Storage
Because storage space is so large,SkyDrive can be easily used for free online photo storage. In fact, there are many features specially customized for Online Photo Storage:

Download photos directly to your Windows Live Photo Gallery.
Bigger thumbnails. Large display size of your photos throughout the site.
Order prints. Order prints of your photos right from SkyDrive.
A gorgeous online slide show. Works with any browser.
People tags. Tag your friends and family.

SkyDrive for Free Online Backup
Due to the huge amount of Free Storage Space, SkyDrive can also be effectively used as an online backup service for free online backup. I do feel that there should be a separate desktop tool to upload the data and keep the folders in sync. That would make online backup much easier, and automated, and SkyDrive can be used more effectively for free online data backup. However, as SkyDrive is still very new, I am sure its just a matter of time before someone comes up with such a tool to use SkyDrive for Free Online File Backup.

SkyDrive for Collaboration
SkyDrive is very impressive in this area. Working on a project with classmates, coworkers, or family? With shared folders, the whole crew can upload, download, and collaborate with you on documents and other files. SkyDrive allows creation of shared folders on the fly, that can be accessed by only those who have been explicitly granted access to those. Click here to be notified via email when a similar article is published.

Some other very cool features of SkyDrive:

Download and Move folders: Download as a .zip file. Download an entire folder in one compressed file. You can move files between folders, and Copy files to multiple folders.

Direct links: Each folder on SkyDrive has a unique web address, so you can save the link as a favorite or copy it and paste it into e-mail or other documents for direct access.

Other Features and Uses of SkyDrive:

  • Share your files and photos without requiring friends and family to use Windows Live ID
  • Organize your contacts by category for easy repeat sharing, or share with your entire network or extended network.
  • Share links to your favorite websites using Windows Live Toolbar. The links are stored on your SkyDrive.
  • See what your friends have shared lately all in one place.
  • Keep your Internet Explorer favorites in sync between computers, and access them anywhere from your SkyDrive.
  • Make comments work the way you want them to with HTML, new comment options, and spam control.

All these features make Microsoft SkyDrive the best online storage solution that is available. I am very surprised by the fact that it is totally free, without any strings attached. You can check out SkyDrive here.

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