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One of the questions I am constantly asked by my readers is “Where can they get Free Templates for their Blog from”?

So, I thought of compiling a list of all the best sites that offer completely FREE Templates for all the blogging platforms. In this article, I will cover the websites that provide FREE Templates for WordPress. You can check out my other articles for Free Templates for Blogger, TypePad, Joomla and Movable Type.

1. WordPress Theme Directory: This is the first place to start for Free WordPress Templates. This has more than 600 Free WordPress Templates, and come in all styles, and are pretty awesome. In most of the cases, your search for a Free WordPress Template would end here itself. In case it does not, proceed further.

2. EmilyRobbins: This website lists Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes / Templates available for download.

3. Weblogtools: This nice website keeps launching new Free WordPress Templates very often. So, you can visit this to find freshest templates.

4. Blogging Themes: This website has a small, but very cool collection of Free WordPress Templates.

5. WordPress Themes For Free: This is one of the biggest resource of WordPress Themes. This website features hundreds of fresh and appealing WordPress themes of premium quality. All of them have been selected manually and tested. They can be downloaded for personal as well as commercial use.

6.Blogging Pro: This is another website that has a few hundred Free WordPress Templates.

If you are aware of some other good websites, please mention those in Comments.

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  1. agitsan2008 says:

    I translate your article in Indonesian than I post it into my blog,so indonesian blogger can see what is best template for them.thanks

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