Carnivals of Money Saving Tips

Posted by on October-31-2008 under Save Money

This is the home page for all the Carnivals of Money Saving Tips hosted on this website. A new carnival is published every week.

It is very easy to submit your article for the upcoming carnival. Following are the simple guidelines:

1) The article needs to be related to money saving tips. Topics can range from everyday savings, to savings related to vacation and travel, free stuff, personal finance tips, money management etc. Check out my article list to get a general idea about the topics.

2) It will be our discretion to choose the articles to be included in the carnival. We will try to choose as many good articles as possible every week.

To be included in the upcoming carnival, send the URL of your article, along with your comments to:


— the spellings have been deliberately kept that way to prevent spam; Replace [aatt] with “@” and [dott] with “.”

If you have any questions, please ask in Comments section.

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